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The Hidden Cost of Helping Your Co-Workers

If you’re an employee who takes pride in helping others at work, you likely feel good after assisting a colleague. But are those good feelings coming at a price? New research from University of Florida management professor Klodiana Lanaj explores the cost of helping co-workers, notably how the helper’s own productivity can suffer. These themes [...]

The surprising side effect of kissing up at work

Kissing up to your boss doesn’t just impact your relationship with your supervisor, it can influence your co-workers, as well. In a new study in The Journal of Applied Psychology, University of Florida researcher Trevor Foulk and David Long from The College of William & Mary looked at how “kissing up” — also known as [...]

The Mount Rushmore of Gator computing pioneers

August 12, 1981: Ronald Reagan was halfway through his first year as president, MTV was less than two weeks old, and the IBM 5150 – arguably the first widely successful personal computer and the first to be called a “PC” – was introduced at a press conference at the Waldorf Astoria ballroom in New York [...]

The numbers are in: UF is good for Florida

Last year, private companies licensing technology from the University of Florida infused nearly $2.3 billion into the state of Florida economy and accounted for the employment of more than 10,600 people. Visitors to campus attending student orientations, football games and graduations, among other things, spent more than $253 million. And UF researchers hired under the [...]